As we all know, the world we are living in today is as a result of passion and desires of the predecessors; and it is through their hard work that the world has to be this better. So, it is true to say that it is the individual capability and talent combined with passion and purpose that fuels the world’s invention and innovative schemes. However, if the talents are not harnessed and exploited to their full potential so is a shortage spotted in all sectors. GAMERS EMPIRE is a talent identifying, nurturing, managing and advertising company that has an aim and objective to take the Kenyan and African talent to a whole brand new level; that will enable productivity and innovativeness among its youths.

Based on different talents available among youths, however, we are also aware of the increasing explicit/negative influence among the young people and we seek to correct this through the organization. This will help the youths to utilize their talents and potentials in a manner that is just and decent to bring development in the institutions and the country at large hence enabling them to actualize their dreams.

There is therefore need for what we call the GAMERS EMPIRE. This organization will be majorly dealing with the minds of the youth in transforming them without rebuking to improve on their; reasoning capacity, workability, discipline standards, respect, connection and mindset through talent mentorship programs by organizing themed events. Eventually these will lead to the success of these young people from one level to another. Gamers Empire is a base where passion – driven talented young people will be trained to utilize and maximize on their talent, follow and sign them up to relevant stakeholders to better their skills, encourage and maintain their success for life and in life. This foundation is not keeping off any relevant and interested parties from changes and support that will help in achieving the vision. This therefore means that we are open to collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, and/or any other support from individuals or institutions of goodwill.

Our Vision

  • To develop and build an independent, goal – oriented, disciplined and vision – driven generation which is successful and self-driven in all aspects through artistic work.

Our Mission

  • Reaching out to every youth, finding out their talents, challenges the experience, discuss and motivate them to be able to roll over them and build a better life from their own knowledge, abilities and resources with success based on their talents.

Our Core Values

  • Impartiality – this implies Gamers Empire will respect and serve everyone irrespective of race, gender, religion, ethnic, social and economic status.
  • Goal oriented – Gamers Empire will help young people become goal oriented and achieve their dreams
  • Commitment – Gamers Empire is committed to achieve its objective and vision
  • Productivity – Gamers Empire will enhance organizational performance and deliver perfect results as per the set objectives.
  • Integrity– we endeavor to abide by our constitution and policies of operation and observe other policies of other organizations/institutions and societies.
  • Team spirit – to create a team work spirit with the organization and stake holders.

Our objectives

  • To help youths in their performance and utilization of knowledge acquired and full exploitation of their talents.
  • To increase the attention and effect of information to the young minds.
  • To avail cheap and affordable entertainment to our youths at all times and in turn reduce the idleness which in turn make them opt for clubs and alcoholism as their only source of entertainment, more so, students around campus.
  • To develop good relations between youths-leaders and youths-staffs interrelationships in institutions.
  • To empower young people with life and leadership skills which will help them actualize in life.
  • To train the young to know the values of our Country and how to apply them through their respective talents.
  • To improve the quality of Kenya’s entertainment industry.
  • To market talent among young youths in Kenya and beyond.
  • To create employment for the youths in the Country by opening up opportunities in the art, creative space and talent sector.
  • To make Kenya’s entertainment productions to be more globally appreciated and recognized.
  • To promote peace, stability and togetherness by bringing people together using artistic work.